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Kaiāulu Classic

About the Tournament

Welcome to the Oahu Pride Volleyball League’s inaugural Kaiāulu Classic Grass Volleyball Tournament! In Hawaiian, Kaiāulu speaks to the concept of community and connection, echoing the harmony of people coming together as one. As we gather to play volleyball, we celebrate not only the joy of sports but also the strength of our diverse community. This tournament is a testament to the power of unity and acceptance embodied throughout our community.

  • Competitive Division BB (4v4) – players will enter as teams (maximum of 5 players). Players may also enter as “free agents” if they do not already have a team to join.

  • Social Division B (6v6)Effective March 26 2024: players may now enter the tournament in teams (maximum of 8 players). Players may also enter as “free agents” if they do not already have a team to join.

Michael Covert

Tournament Director

Nick Saumy

Director of Fields

Nicole Balliet

Committee Member

Nic Zappardino

Committee Member

Andy Tomlinson

Committee Member

Jonah Kauffman-Epstein

Committee Member

Tournament Committee

Tournament Rules


The registration system (Team Sideline) can be accessed at the button below.

  • Competitive and social division captains will register their teams and invite their players to register from their roster portal.

  • Competitive division free agents can submit this form to register their interest. 

  • Social division free agents can self-register at the link below and await their team assignments.

When is the tournament?

  • The tournament will run April 20-21, 2024.

  • The registration/opening party will be on April 19, 2024.

  • The closing party will be on April 21, 2024.

Where are the games?

What if I'm a beginner?

  • That's ok! We are running both a social and competitive division for the tournament. 

How much does it cost?

  • Regular registration is $45 per person.

How big are the teams?

  • Competitive division games are played 4v4, and teams may have a maximum of 5 players.

  • Social division games are played 6v6, and teams may have a maximum of 8 players. 

What if I don't have a team?

  • No problem! We accept free agents in both divisions. 

Kaiāulu Classic FAQ

Key Dates

  • 4 March 2024 - Registration Opens

  • 4 April 2024 - Registration Closes

  • 19 April 2024 - Opening Party 

  • 20 April 2024 - Pool Play

  • 21 April 2024 - Tournament (Lunch Provided)

  • 21 April 2024 - Closing Party

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